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  • Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2010. It's a high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, production and sales of Calcium Amino Acid Chelate. Our tenet is “integrate resources, play a good interaction effect”, and we strive to promote technology and industry convergence, product and market convergence. While committing to cultivating independent innovation capability, the company also actively carries out international technology transformation at the same time. Multidisciplinary experts continuously did lots of experiments and R&D work for years, achieved a series of scientific work, such as L-aspartic acid nano-chelated calcium, soil moisture preservation material, and fruit & vegetable preservation technology. The research group includes these experts, Professor Lide Zhang (nano-expert), Professor Qingxuan Chen (biological senior researcher), Professor Dongsheng Gao (researcher of Zheng Yuan Nano Institute), and other scholars. These new products are under developing, including nano-materials, southern medicine, soil moisture preservation, marine life, etc. These innovative research and development results will create unlimited value for the Chinese people.

    Baitai has more than 70 employees, more than 80 percent has college degree, and more than 50 percent of them are professional researchers.

    Regarding the production principle of Calcium Amino Acid Chelate, by adapting cavitation collapse principle, L-aspartate and calcium hydroxide blasting instantaneous high pressure, high temperature mixing, grinding, emulsifying and effective chelating, which make products reach nano-levels. The particles of Calcium Amino Acid Chelates are 2-80 nanometers. Calcium and amino acids have been 100% chelated, so it can be absorbed by intestinal mucosal cells directly without adding vitamin D3. University of Virginia in the United States made a test and proved that the absorption rate of chelated calcium is higher than 90%. The production technology has obtained national patent (Patent no: ZL200510090071.6). Calcium Amino acid chelate successfully solved the absorption problem of calcium, has no side effects, it becomes the revolutionary product of calcium supplementation in human history.

    The product is nutritional supplement, can be widely added to food, pharmaceutical intermediates and functional health products.

    Baitai use the new generation of nanotechnology, combined with the advantages of Hainan southern medicine and marine life, will continue to develop more and more new products. Meanwhile, we’ll enlarge the application of nanotechnology in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, and accelerate the “Nano-level Chinese medicine” from theory into reality. The innovative R & D results will create important value for the Chinese people, and also achieve economic and social benefits.

    With the rapid growth on business, the construction of the second workshop was started in Sanya creative industrial park in 2015, and was completed in July of 2019, with annual production capacity of 1200 Tons. Our company is deeply committed to building ourselves into the high-level and large-scale production base in the field of nano chelated calcium in China. This can provide the solid backing for the transformation of China's food and dairy industry from traditional products to functional products. And it will provide raw materials with higher scientific & technological content and better quality for the development of pharmaceutical intermediates.

    Based on the construction of the second workshop, Baitai is committed to building the high-level and large-scale industrial production base in the field of nano chelated calcium in China, and leading the development of nano chelating technology. The production base can provide hundreds of jobs, and comprehensively promote the development of health industry and related industries in Sanya, change the local industrial layout structure, bring new energy into the local financial tax revenue and high-tech industry in Hainan Province of China.

    Baitai's products are renowned in the nutritional supplement industry for its advanced technology, and having unparalleled bioavailability. We are committing to helping our customers improve their nutritional and wellness solutions. Baitai is your trusted manufacturer of true calcium amino acid chelates.

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