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  • ·2010, Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded.

    ·September 2011, Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. drafted the National Standard of Amino Acid Chelate Calcium (GB29226-2012), filled the gap of production standard in China.

    ·September 2012, attended Technology Exhibition in Hainan province.

    ·November 2012, attended the 10th annual meeting of China Enterprise Competitiveness.

    ·June 2013, successfully certificated by ISO9001 and ISO22000.

    ·July 2013, purchased a 50,000 square meters (about 15 acres) production land in Yazhou district of Sanya city, and going to build a high-level and large-scale production base.

    ·November 2013, “L-aspartic acid chelate calcium” gained the award of “High-tech project of Hainan province”.

    ·December 2013, attended the 28th International Autumn Trade Fair in Dubai.

    ·June 2014, attended the 8th APEC Small&Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair.

    ·October 2014, held a public benefit activity “Take care of your bone, keep away from osteoporosis”.

    ·October 2014, attended China-Russia trade and investment cooperation forum. And speed up the international development process.

    ·In 2015, attended the 5th International Exhibition for Health care Food and Nourishment.

    ·August 2015, Baitai got the second prize in “Hainan province innovation entrepreneurship competition”.

    ·November 2015, a group of government officers visited our factory, including Binjie Liu (NPC Standing Committee member) and Changcai Li (political commissar of Lanzhou Military Region).

    ·December 2015, attended Sanya Cultural Industries Fair.

    ·December 2015, governor of Hainan province, Cigui Liu visited Baitai.

    ·December 2015, CCTV program group “Approaching Science” visited our factory, made the science video “Where does the calcium come from”.  

    ·January 2016, Baitai was identified as a high-technology enterprise.  

    ·January 2016, vice-secretary of CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Jun Li visited Baitai.

    ·March 2016, Baitai made an on-the-spot investigation in USA along with China health care products industry delegation.

    ·April 2016, member of the standing committee & chairman of the Chinese People’s political consultative conference, Liping Rong visited Baitai.

    ·July 2016, attended the 9th APEC Small&Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair.

    ·September 2016, Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Was selected as the top 500 Asian brands.

    ·October 2016, Baitai is the special sponsor of “Gailisu Hainan Bridge Festival China 2016”.

    ·January 2017, Congressman of USA (Utah), Eric visited Baitai.

    ·January 2017, Wei Li visited Baitai. Wei Li is the director of the Development Research Center of the State Council & deputy secretary of the party group.

    ·January 2017, The "China Food Safety Newspaper" made a substantial report about Baitai successful research and development of amino acid nano-chelated calcium.  

    ·March 2017, ZhaoJun Yan (secretary of Sanya municipal party committee) visited Baitai.

    ·April 2017, Sanya Intellectual Property Law Research Society was established, Baitai’s president Zhang Li was elected as executive director.

    ·May 2017, Ms. Zhang (president of Baitai) went to Italy to attend TuttoFood - Milano World Food Exhibition, along with Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce.

    ·May 2017, Calcium Amino Acid Chelate, which is produced by Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd, was identified as "2016 annual high-tech products" in Hainan Province.

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