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Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the high-tech enterprise dedicated to R&D, production and sales of Calcium Amino Acid Chelates (Calcium L-Aspartic acid chelates). As a manufacturer, Baitai is a leader and innovator in calcium amino acid chelates nutrition in China.

In general, calcium is difficult to be absorbed by the body. Combining science and patented technology, Baitai does the stomach's work in advance by producing nano-level chelate powder (particles are 2-80 nanometers). The chelated calcium can pass easily through the intestinal wall and be absorbed rapidly without adding vitamin D3, the absorption rate is higher than 90%. It successfully solved the typical absorption problem of calcium, has no side effects. Calcium Amino Acid Chelates is the new generation of calcium source.

Baitai's products are renowned in the nutritional supplement industry for its advanced technology. The chelated calcium is having the unparalleled bioavailability. We are committing to helping our customers improve their nutritional and wellness solutions. There is no doubt that Baitai is your trusted manufacturer of true calcium amino acid chelates.

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