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Chelated Calcium Fruit Powder (Orange Flavor)

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Chelated Calcium Fruit Powder (Orange Flavor)

Chelated Calcium Fruit Powder (Orange Flavor)
Chelated Calcium Fruit Powder (Orange Flavor)

Chelated Calcium Fruit Powder (Orange Flavor)
Chelated Calcium Fruit Powder (Orange Flavor)

Calcium is crucial for children's growth

The third generation of new calcium source

Perfect absorption for chelated calcium

Calcium - nutritional supplement




Calcium-The important element for your healthy life

According to the World Health Organization,inadequate calcium intake is associated with 106 related disease

Every step in life requires adequate calcium, especially for children.

Infancy (1~3 years old)

Grow teeth, toddler, bone development.

Teenagers (12~14 years old)

Grow taller

Bone development.

Visual development


Middle aged & old people(>45 years old)

Bone density lost gradually

Become shorter

It's important to choose the correct product

Calcium supplement - High absorption is the critical factor

The 3rd generation of calcium source - Calcium Amino Acid Chelates

"Chelating technology" is an outstanding new technology.


"Chelating Technology", adopting the advanced Nano-chelating technology, using Nano-chelating Molecules Energy Conversion Equipment, two amino acid molecules clamp one calcium atom to form a super-stable chemical structure.

Calcium amino acid chelate is directly absorbed by the specific channels for amino acid, not only absorbed faster, but also absorbed more.

The chelating molecule structure can be absorbed intact by intestinal mucosal cells.

Why are chelated calcium better?

1. High absorption, Nano-level

       The particles are 2-80 nanometers (1 NM:hair=1:70000)

       Our skin can absorb the chelated powder directly.

2. Good solubility

       Dissolve in 30 seconds

       100% dissolved in water

      No deposition

3. Gentle on the stomach

       Chelated calcium, PH=7, neutral.

       Strong alkaline (PH>10)=Harmful for your stomach.

4. Easier to intake calcium

       Vitamin D3 is no need at all

       Say goodbye to VD3.

       No need gastric acid hydrolysis

      Absorption rate > 90%

      The chelating molecule structure can be efficiently absorbed intact by intestinal mucosal cells .

       No stone, no side effects.


【Product name】Chelated calcium fruit powder (Orange flavor)
【Typ】Solid beverage
【Ingredients】Vc fruit powder, calcium amino acid chelates, sugar, acidity regulator.
【N.W】3g/individual packet, 20 packets/box
【Usage】Add it into 100ml warm water, stir, and enjoy it.
【Storage】Placed in the cool dry place
【Shelf Life】24 months
【Production standard】GB/T29602-2013
【Production license No.】SC10646020500060
【Manufacturer】Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The best choice for your lovely child.

Symptoms of inadequate Calcium intake for children

Before 1 year old

Hypoevolutism, hypogenesis

Slow for teeth growing & toddler, pigeon chest

12-14 years old

Short stature, growing pains

Pigeon chest

Late Toddler

Short stature


X type or O type legs

Teething late


Slow growth

Low immunity


Picky with food


hypoplasia of tooth

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