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Company Culture

  • Sanya Baitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of calcium amino acid chelates. Baitai holds itself to the industry's highest standards for quality and manufacturing, producing calcium amino acid chelates. And Baitai is committed to being the leading manufacturer in the field of High-tech nano-tehcnology industry.

    Company Philosophy: Be healthy in your whole lifetime. Enjoy life for hundred years.
    Company mission: Help our customers improve their nutritional and wellness solutions.
    Business vision: Live healthy & easy, enjoy life.
    Business goal: Being Chinese Century Brand in the field of human health industry.
    Core value: Innovation. Integrity.
    Business philosophy: Serve customers. Win-Win.
    Innovative ideas: Continuous to innovation.
    Production concept: Produce the qualified & safe products for our own families.
    Security concept: Everyone has a happy family behind him.
    Environmental concept: To create a green environment, sharing harmonious and beautiful surroundings.
    Competitive Idea: Focus on our unique advantages.
    Management: Respect. Trust. Cooperation.
    Services: Customer satisfaction. Customer trust.

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